Amber Ley Cattery
Cattery Management Training Course
What does it involve?
Planning your
boarding cattery

Cattery Management Training Course
At Amber Ley Cattery

Who is the course for?
If you are deciding whether running your own boarding cattery is really for you, or if you are in the process of setting up a cattery and need practical training for running your cattery, then this is an ideal course for you. The course is suitable for attending at any stage of setting up your cattery and we will happily train two people together for those who will have a business partner or someone involved in the business.

Setting up a safe, hygienic & cosy environment
Running your business to high FAB standards
Quality care for your boarders
Rigorous daily cleaning regime
Stationary templates for your own records
A practical way of learning with documented protocols

We were both trained in Cattery Management and we found it invaluable. Register your interest with us by calling us or by email to find out more about this important and useful stage in setting up your own cattery.